Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cooperation Achievements among Provinces on Cambodia-Vietnam Border Reflects Firmness of Firmness of Friendship between the Two Countries

The bond of friendship, solidarity and cooperation in all fields between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has been strengthened and expanded everyday in the supreme interest of people of the two nations. The peoples of Cambodia and Vietnam share a tradition of common struggle to overcome countless obstacles against foreign oppressions for the sake of each nation’s independence, peace, freedom and progress. While Cambodia fell into the catastrophe of genocide, the Government, army and people of Vietnam offered invaluable, timely-mannered and effective assistance to the resistance forces of the National United Front for the Salvation of Kampuchea in overthrowing the brutal regime completely on January 7, 1979, thus Cambodia survives, exists and makes progress to the present.

Over the past 30 years, numerous achievements have taken shape thanks to this precious bond of friendship, solidarity and cooperation, and which is providing energetic force for furthering the march of Cambodia. Successes in enlivening national rebirth, preventing the return of the genocide, achieving peace and national reconciliation, as well as making socio-economic progress are outstanding achievements of this bond of friendship. Exchange of visits by high-level leaders as well as officials of all sectors of the two countries has strengthened the foundation of relations to a firmer, deeper and more fruitful level.

In testimony, the 6th meeting on cooperation and development among provinces along the Cambodian- Vietnamese border that was held recently (August 2-3, 2010) highly evaluated efforts and cooperation by authorities of all levels of the two countries in implementing directives outlined by previous meetings, while actively contributing to develop and uphold the people’s living condition as well as to maintain the border of peace, friendship, cooperation and development. The meeting issued a communiqué which contains therein 16 points relating to cooperation and development among provinces on the border as well as strengthening friendly and peaceful relations, and solidarity between the two countries. The communiqué also affirms clearly the two countries’ unity in further safeguarding the traditional bond of friendship so as to guarantee long-term peace, stability, security, progress and prosperity for the two nations.

It is worth stressing that on the basis of this magnificent bond of friendship and cooperation, trade between Cambodia and Vietnam has increased year after year in the last decade, with a potential to reach two billion US dollars in 2010 as expected. Investments in the Kingdom of Cambodia by Vietnamese investors have been recorded in numerous fields such as electricity, food processing, agricultural fertilizer, rubber, healthcare, etc.

The Governments of the two countries have made efforts to urge for investments, trades and services, while mutually providing favor for trade, raising high cooperation in the prevention and suppression of smuggles and trade of fake goods, cross-border crimes and all sort of offenses, especially terrorism, trafficking of drug, human and/or weapon. The Governments of the two countries have also increased cooperation in the areas of transportation, construction and reparation of infrastructures, while furthering cooperation in the fields of mines and energy, agriculture, fisheries and forestry, tourism, health, education, etc. It is important to stress that the Governments of Cambodia and Vietnam have always collaborated in solving all issues that are happening along the border by peaceful means and on the basis of friendly and neighborly good spirit, mutual understanding, respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The bond of friendship, solidarity and cooperation in all fields between the two countries – Cambodia and Vietnam, has progressed through various historical stages of development, while clearly proves to be a model of sincere relation with truly good neighbor spirit and has become a major factor for peace, security and progress for respected party. This friendship has faced with many destructive attempts from oppositions and ill-willed circles for their own political ambitions. However, they could not fulfill their dreams either in the past, in the present, or in the future. The people of the two countries - Cambodia and Vietnam, will continue to maintain and build up strong and stable traditional bond of friendship forever.

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