Sunday, August 16, 2009

Democracy should be accorded by the state of Laws

Democracy is the important element necessarily needed in the process of country’s rehabilitation, reconstruction and development. Under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), the Cambodian people gained back their rights, freedom and democracy on the victorious day of 7th January 1979; and since then they have been well maintained. Democracy development obliges everyone, who is a citizen of any sovereign state to equally respect the laws, to enjoy equal rights and to bear common duties. Laws are respected not only by the ordinary people; but, by officials at all levels from all circles regardless of their functional positions – all bear common duty to respect the laws. The respect of laws by all makes democracy development progressing well, peace and stability strengthening and the country developing going on well; and it brings to the nation dignity, honor and prestige. If laws are not respected, and everyone acts on one’s own will by considering only one’s own rights, but offending others, then democracy could not be maintained, and stability and development could not exist. It is therefore, “democracy should be accorded by the state of laws “.

Nowadays, democracy in Cambodia is progressing strongly in a righteous direction amidst challenges and attempts staged by a number of ill-will circles who are in their nature fake democrats. Under the banner of Democracy and Human Rights, those people have steadily hindered the execution of the National Constitution, do not respect the will of the people who are owners of the vote, but to make their best to destroy the effectiveness of the laws, to create confusion between democracy and anarchy and to voice their saying that “ Democracy is to act like them “. Obviously, when the National Assembly voted to exempt rights and immunity of two assembly members from the Sam Rainsy’s Party, one of them has defamed Samdech Techo HUN SEN, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and the other has looked down 22 High Ranking Military Officers for their graduation from the Military Academy of Vietnam, they have made public confused by their shouting that “ Steps taken by the National Assembly has brought negative impact to democracy and freedom of speeches in Cambodia “. Moreover, they have raised their voice overseas the so-called “ The step back of democracy in Cambodia “ to pool foreign assistance and to punish Cambodia. But, the false allegation failed, they could cheat only those who do not know the truth.

The two assembly members are exempted from their rights and immunity based on the suggestion submitted by the Judicial Institution, who has the full power in taking legal steps to settle the two plaintiffs. The National Assembly procedure is by laws and abided by the internal rules and every line of its existing rules of procedures. The truth is the misbehavior of the two persons – they committed severe offensive acts, abused the legitimate rights and honor of the others – which have caused the reasons of the plaintiffs; hence they should be responsible of their acts and should not escape from any application of laws.

It should note that the opposition party has continuously misinterpreted that there is no respect of laws in Cambodia, but when there is an application of laws addressing such misconduct and the abuse of law, they contradictorily voiced the shouting that there is no democracy. It is therefore, for them, laws are only for others to implement, but not for them to apply. The truth could not confuse the public, who sees visibly that democracy and the state of laws in Cambodia are progressing in a right track and no one could divert the righteous direction.

Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN clearly proclaimed that democracy should be accorded by the state of laws; and without discrimination, if anyone member of the national assembly commits not by laws, the court is to judge, and for expatriates, there are also laws relating to them. One who commits offensive to the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia, there are laws to judge him/her. We are strengthening democracy and the state of law, and not to let democracy in Cambodia be transformed into anarchy.

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