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Speech of Samdech Akka Moha Thamma Pothisal Chea Sim President of the Cambodian People’s Party

Speech of Samdech Akka Moha Thamma Pothisal Chea Sim
President of the Cambodian People’s Party on the Commemoration of the 58th
Anniversary of the Cambodian People’s Party
(28-06-1951 – 28-06-2009)

Venerable Samdech Preah Akka Moha Sangkha Raja Thibdei and Buddhist Monks,Samdech, Prince/ss, Excellencies, Lok Chumteav, Okhna and Honorable Guests,Dear Members of the Meeting and Beloved PeopleToday is the 58th anniversary of the foundation of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), initially the Khmer People’s Revolutionary Party (KPRP), which originated in the long-standing people’s struggle movement for national independence. The historic event has reflected the Cambodian people’s resolute and determined will in the struggle for the fatherland’s independence, peace, freedom and progress. Over the past 58 years, CPP has shared weal and woe with the people in all circumstances, while overcoming small and big obstacles victoriously, firmly existing for continued leadership of the country according to democratic principles, which clearly shows a correct political path, energetic capability and brilliant nature of the Party. We celebrate this event in order to express profound gratitude to our beloved compatriots, soldiers and people in all generations for their resolute struggles and sacrifices for the cause of nation and fatherland. On this basis we have determined to strengthen the bloc of great national solidarity for the protection of all achievements and continue to develop the country towards a brilliant future.
On such meaningful occasion, we all would like to express our profound fidelity and gratitude to Samdech Preah Karuna Preah Borom Neat Norodom Sihamoni, King of Cambodia, Preah Karuna Preah Baat Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk, Heroic King Father and Samdech Preah Moha Ksatrei Norodom Monineat Sihanouk, Heroic Queen Mother for their physical and intellectual sacrifices for the nation, the fatherland and the people. We wish them good health, intelligence and longevity so as to stay as everlasting cool shade for every Cambodian people.
Dear Participants and Compatriots,
For the past 58 years, whatever obstacles and sacrifices there may be, the Cambodian People’s Party continues to hold firmly to its nature as the Party that is from the people, of the people and for the people. From 1951 through to 1953, the Party led the people’s steadfastly revolutionary movement for national liberation against the aggressive colonialism, making a major contribution to the victory of the movement for national independence in 1953.From 1954 through to 1970, the Party continued leading political movement for the Cambodian defense of independence, peace, neutrality, against outside interference, while promoting advancement of rights, democracy, and improvement of the people’s livelihood. As the country suffered in the flame of war after the coup in 1970, loyal cadres and soldiers of the Party joined the National United Front of Kampuchea in a new struggle that fought for national liberation. After the victory of the national liberation war in April 1975, the Cambodian people hoped to have lived in independence, peace and freedom but were disappointed that the people’s revolutionary achievements had been plundered and betrayed by the Pol Pot clique, and genocidal policy, unprecedented in the history, was brutally carried out.In such a circumstance that the nation suffered destruction and killings almost to nil, CPP alone stood to mobilize and lead our people to fight and to topple the regime under the banner of the National United Front for Salvation of Kampuchea and won the great historic victory on January 7, 1979.
The Victory on January 7 ushered in a new page of the Cambodian history that brought to the Cambodian people their revivals and all lost rights and freedom, but the country was faced with heaps of ashes, only to be coupled with extremely disastrous consequences left by the wars and previous regimes. The Cambodian People’s Party has led the socio-economic restoration and livelihood of our people step after step in a situation that we had to fight against possible return of the genocide and to overcome the economic embargo and unjust political isolation from outside world.
Dear Participants and Compatriots,
Here, we do not want to recall only our losses and sufferings that we have encountered but also to reaffirm that with a correct leadership, a strong national solidarity and belief for its cause, the people of Cambodia have gradually stood up with many difficulties till they have now a strong position and strength to march forward. Up to now we all are proud of historic achievements that have been scored over the past 30 years after the January 7 Victory. We have transformed the Cambodian fatherland that was in ruin into a land of development in all fields. We have put an end to decades of protracted wars and turned the whole land and nation into unity and complete peace throughout the country, where people have rights and full freedom, and democracy takes deeper root in national society. Successes of various free and fair general elections, universal and non-universal suffrages, and national, sub-national and local level elections are evidences of such developments. Cambodia - used to be mocked because of internal rifts, wars and economic backwardness - has now advanced into being equal right and footing with other countries.It is worth affirming that in the last one decade after the country has achieved full peace, the Cambodian economy achieves the average growth of 9.4% per annum. In 2005 the economy has achieved the highest growth of 13/3%, in 2006 of 10.8%, 2007 of 10.2%. In 2008, though the country has had partial impacts from global financial and economics crisis, we still could yield a growth close to 7%, which is still in better shape if we compare to those of neighboring countries. GDP in average per capita has grown from 247 US dollars in 1994 to 739 US dollars in 2008, whereas poverty rate has been reduced from 47% in 1994 to 35% in 2004 and 30% in 2007.
At present the people of Cambodia are living harmoniously as a great family under the roof of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia, irrespective of political tendency, past, race, belief, gender or social caste, and are making physical and mental efforts in the construction and defense of the fatherland. It is based upon these achievement that Cambodia has proven to be at a very important stage of own development and actively marching forward in a correct direction towards brilliant future full of hope. These brilliant successes have been realized thanks to joint efforts of our whole nation and faithful supports and contributions from our friends – near and far - and international communities for the people of Cambodia.
Dear Participants and Compatriots,
From early 1779 to the present, we can affirm with pride that we have marched quite a distance forward. The journey this far has given us lessons and experiences in restoring and building the country, reconciling the nation, creating peace as well as in resolving conflicts and social crisis, which in all we have to memorize so as to guarantee lasting solidarity, existence and progress of our nation.
In so much as we take pride for all the achievements, the Cambodian People’s Party clearly understands that the success we have achieved is indeed in the initial stage only. In its name as the political force that is leading the country, the Party must double efforts aimed at achieving its supreme objective, that is guaranteeing sustainable peace, stability and national security, maintaining independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, accelerating socio-economic development to catch up with other countries in the region, the people enjoy appropriate and dignified living condition free from poverty, illiteracy, disease and violence, while living together harmoniously in each family as well as in community or national levels. It is true that on the path of current development we have to face with so many challenges such as the growth base of the economy is still small and narrow, the socio-economic infrastructure is in a state of many imbalances at the time that global financial and economic crisis has yet to come to the end. At the same time people’s poverty, good governance, fight against corruption, extension of public services with quality and confidence, are some of the priority areas that require more efforts.Therefore, taking further steps ahead, the Party will continue to focus its forces on defense of social achievements, strengthening peace, stability, security and public order for the sake of guaranteeing peaceful development and existence of our people in the whole country.The Cambodian People’s Party fully supports efforts made by the Royal Government under the premiership of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen in successfully implementing the Rectangular Strategy – Phase II, which is the socio-economic agenda of its political platform in the fourth legislature, which will guarantee realizations of all of the Royal Government prioritized objectives. We have a firm belief that Cambodia will continue to achieve positive growth this year despite currently being affected by the global financial crisis and economic downturn.The Cambodian People’s Party tries its best to create favorable conditions for respect, protection, strengthening and steadfast expansion of a liberal democratic system, pluralism and rule of law in Cambodia aimed at guaranteeing peace, stability and social progress, while preventing actions of circles disguised under democracy and freedom to deceive the mass for own interests or to create disturbances.
The Cambodian People’s Party urges for strengthening of people’s national defense infrastructure with efficient capability in safeguarding the Cambodian independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity in all circumstances. Cambodia used to pass through wars and tragedies, while for many times had been encroached upon. As an honest, peace loving and amicable, we never want to annex land of any neighboring countries but we also do not let the current territory to suffer a loss. The Party supports the position of the Royal Government of Cambodia which adheres to patience in its efforts to resolve border issues with Thailand by peaceful negotiation taking relevant national international laws, as well as related and internationally recognized documents into account aimed at building a stable borderline of peace, friendship, cooperation and development and putting an end to concerns of the peoples of the two countries.On this occasion I would like to express my respect for army and police and soldiers of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and the National Police who have been heroically fulfilling their duties defending our fatherland along the border. At this moment I wish to appeal to all of our compatriots from all walks of life and circles in our nation to continue to broaden tradition of sharing weal and woe between the people and the army, and to make active participation in consolidating our people’s national infrastructure.
I would like to express once again the support for the process of the Extraordinary Chamber in the Court of Cambodia to try the criminal leaders of the Democratic Kampuchea, which is undergoing aimed at achieving justice for the victims and for social stability. In the past as well as in the present, the Cambodian People’s Party takes active participations in the process and considers the hearing results as complements to the efforts of the Cambodian People’s Party in searching for justice for the victims that was conducted in 1979.The Cambodian People’s Party would like to reaffirm vehemently its irreversible position in continuing close cooperation with all patriotic circles and heightening national interest so as to join forces in maintaining social achievements, strengthening stability, democracy, rule of law, while continuing to do whatever it takes as a benefit for keeping and promoting liberal democratic and pluralistic system, while refraining from acting in ways that cause negative impacts on its progress and the people’s harmony.
Dear Participants and Compatriots,
Time has clearly shown the capacity, possibility and irreversible nature of the Cambodian People’s Party in fulfilling missions for the nation. In all stages, no matter in whatever state or circumstances, the Party never abandons its duty. The Party educates its officials to remember always that misery of the people is the Party’s burden and happiness of the people is the Party’s objective. It is thanks to the people that the Party was has come into being, existed and achieved a great deal of achievements. Without people’s support, there would not be the Cambodian People’s Party. The Party therefore has to face up ill-intent circles inside and outside, who have made tireless efforts for its downfall. However, no matter how hard they try, the Party’s firmness has all their attempts foiled. On this joyous occasion I would like to express my profound respect and gratitude for every fellow citizen who has provided the Cambodian People’s Party with their firm supports and would in return promise solemnly that the Party will continue to realize the people’s aspirations. It is in this spirit I would place an appeal to the Party’s committees, officials and members at all levels to gather together in solidarity around the central committee and the permanent committee so as to serve our people while refraining from improper actions that would abuse the Party principles and state law, which therefore could cause serious implications to the rights and interests of the people. May the spirit of the 58th anniversary of the foundation of the Cambodian People’s Party turn into a great force of solidarity for the construction, development and defense of the fatherland!Finally I wish Samdech Preah Akka Moha Sangkha Raja Samdech Preah Raja Kanak and Buddhist monks and Samdech, Excellencies, Ladies, national and international guests of honor, members of the meeting, and the people of Cambodia in the whole country – peace, progress, and successes.Thank You

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