Friday, April 2, 2010

Important and Historic Field Visit of Samdech Techo Hun Sen and Lok Chumteav to the Area of Preah Vihear Temple

From 6 to 10 February 2010, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Top Five Star General, accompanied by Lok Chumteav went for the most important and historic field visit in the areas of Preah Vihear Temple and other areas along the Cambodia-Lao-Thai borders. This field visit has demonstrated the firm determination of the Cambodian Premier in the development of the border areas and in the strengthening of the national defense against the ambition of the current Thai leaders.

It should note that the military tension in the area of Preah Vihear Temple which has prolonged to date has its root cause in the offense waged by several hundreds of Thai troops into the Keo Sekhakiri Svarak Pagoda on 15 August 2008 following the admission of the Preah Vihear Temple into the World Heritage on 7 July 2008. Thai military and political leaders as well as some Thais, who do not know true history, have intensified tension along the border and sent troops to provoke offense several times. But at each time of the attack, they received lessons learned from the heroic combatants of our Royal Armed Forces, who have successfully defended our territorial integrity.

In the situation that we have to challenge the offense made by Thai troops, and whilst we are strengthening the national capacity, the Royal Government has stayed firm to its patience and made efforts in negotiation to reach peaceful settlement of the border issues. But the invaders abused stubbornly, ignored Cambodia patience and even worst have used its unilateral demarcation map which has never been internationally recognized. Obviously, one day prior to the visit by Samdech Techo HUN SEN and Lok Chumteav to the Preah Vihear areas, the Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vijajeva, was quoted as saying that if Prime Minister HUN SEN wished to visit the 4.6 km2 area at the border, talks should convene first.

The Thai leader added that Thai had no objection to the visit of Prime Minister HUN SEN, and would have appointed a high ranking official of the Foreign Office to welcome the Prime Minister. Such expression of speech has reflected the ambition and trick of the invaders. Through such act, we questioned ourselves whether they pretended to be mad or they were mad, since there is no question of any 4.6km2 area or any conflict zone which Thai has to claim for, because Preah Vihear Temple and its surrounding is situated in the Cambodian territory marked in the internationally recognized map. The visit by the Cambodia Prime Minister took place in his own territory, therefore there is no reason why Cambodia has to negotiate with foreigner, and no foreigner has any rights to welcome Cambodia Prime Minister in his own territory, only Cambodians who have full rights to welcome foreigners in their own territory.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a full sovereign state, one of the members of the United Nations and has broad international relations, and she will not allow anyone to violate. Such rule is clearly stipulated in our Constitution. The Royal Government of Cambodia has obligation to defend by all means its territorial integrity, nation, religion and King, to protect the eternity of the nation and the peaceful livelihood of people. In the past, the Royal Government of Cambodia adhered firm position in settling problems by peaceful means but not by force, and force would be used only in defending the territorial integrity.

Cambodia never wants bloodshed, Cambodia wants only peace, friendship and cooperation. It is therefore, in our own strategic aim, we make efforts in turning our border area to become a peaceful, friendly, cooperation and development areas, we turn the battlefield into a development zone. In the meantime, our Royal Armed Forces have excellent obligation in defending our territorial integrity, and we never want to lose any millimeter, and never want to gain any millimeter from others, too. This is our firm and unchangeable position, it is our resolute determination. Responding to the heroism of our combatants in the front, our people in the rear have demonstrated their active support, both material and spiritual, and this is of course, the dignified tradition of our motherland defense.

The 5-day visit of Samdech Techo HUN SEN and Lok Chumteav in the Preah Vihear Temple areas and in other areas along the borders has constituted significant meaning to national defense, the boosting of national patriotic spirit of the whole nation and every force in the society, and there is clear evidence to national and international public opinion of the initiative and willingness of Cambodia in maintaining friendship with its neighbors. In the meantime, the invaders meet with disgrace.

Moreover, the visit has proven the turning from strategy into real implementation by the Royal Government in developing the border areas. The presence of Samdech Techo HUN SEN and Lok Chumteav has encouraged the combatants guarding the borders to hold higher spirit and stronger determination as they have seen by their own eyes the courage, the care and fraternal feelings of their top leaders.

The most important and historic visit has led to the strengthening of stronger national solidarity in the defense of the territorial integrity, preserving the heritage of our ancestors against the ambition of the current Thai leaders and politicians. In the meantime, it has urged a rapid stronger development process in the areas.

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