Friday, December 18, 2009

An Opposition to a Blind Extreme

At present the Royal Government of Cambodia, under the leadership of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, is making all out efforts in implementing its political platform so as to guarantee successes in constructing, developing and defending the Cambodian fatherland. At the same time, the Royal Government has taken challenges in solving major problems such as impact from world financial and economic crisis on the Cambodian economy, repeated disasters, while defending territorial integrity.

In the course of combating these challenges, especially those of the world financial and economic crisis, Cambodia could not achieve growth as has been expected for the year 2009. However, Cambodia has been able to stabilize an overall situation while maintaining its economy on the path of positive growth. Noticeably, there has been an overwhelming support from the international community for the Cambodian candidacy as a member of the World Heritage Committee, which clearly reflects and highly increases the Cambodian prestige on the international arena.

Efforts made by the Royal Government of Cambodia have always enjoyed the support, participation and positive evaluation from our people in the whole country. In an opposite direction to this, not only that they do not make actual participation in construction, development and defense of the fatherland, a group of opposition has also agitated actions that are endlessly opposing the Royal Government. Their arguments have been one of a kind, groundless ill-will to attack the Royal Government with only one specific aim to damage its popularity.

Recently they have conducted anti-government campaigns in various forums in foreign countries, the United States of America also included, to make a fuss of what they called backtracking of democracy, lacking of freedom of speech and flaws in the Cambodian justice system. These are nothing but lies and a twist of the truth.

They used a forum organized by a journalist club in Bangkok, of course with help from the Thai extremists, to attack the leaders of the Royal Government of Cambodia, at the time when Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, is making every effort aimed at strengthening people’s national defense foundation in face of aggressions by Thailand on the Cambodian sovereignty and territorial integrity at the Preah Vihear area.

Worse still, when we have border spat at the western part, on October 25, 2009, the opposition politicians led by Mr. Sam Rainsy, President of the Sam Rainsy Party, attempted a creation of another border row on the eastern part of the country by stirring up misunderstanding among people because of his action of pulling out six referral markers preparing for a demarcation of border pole 185 in the village of Koh Kban Kandal, Samraong commune, Chantrea district of Svay Rieng province, and which the land border marking technical teams of Cambodia and Vietnam are working out together. That is another heinous act of legal offense, of infliction of damage on public property, a stern violation over the work of the Royal Government of Cambodia and an appalling impact on national interest.

Our people are of the opinion that the opposition politicians have done nothing in support for our front (at the western border) and they have also noted that these politicians have shown unsympathetic gestures to the fact that Cambodia has been elected a member of the World Heritage Committee. Worse still, when the Royal Thai Government created diplomatic tension with Cambodia by calling home its Ambassador, the oppositions have instead criticized the Royal Government of Cambodia as the one that provoked tension. That is a position of no national conscience and that serves only politics of foreign nations. The above arguments have shown clearly their irreversible political mistakes.

The people of Cambodia have seen clearly the nature of differences between the ruling Cambodian People’s Party and those oppositions. The Cambodian People’s Party does whatever it can to build up the nation, improve people’s living condition, bring about peace and stability, and defend a long lasting fatherland, while the oppositions have taken extreme positions and cared nothing for national and people’s interests.

It is worth recalling that under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party, democracy and people’s freedom have revived on the basis of victorious history of January 7, 1979, that liberated Cambodia from the abyss of genocidal disaster, while making ever-increasing progresses in the past over thirty years. Democracy and freedom have now deeply rooted in Cambodia in all its national aspects and is an inseparable component that guarantees peace, national reconciliation and development. These factors are totally opposite to distortions generated by ill-willed politicians. They are the ones who in fact have attempted again and again to destroy stability and democratization in Cambodia.

Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Head of the Royal Government of Cambodia, have made clear statement that “democracy is to be implemented in accordance with rule of law” and no one would be allowed to hijack democracy in Cambodia for a wrong direction and illegitimate principles at all.

Whoever violates the law will have to be reprimanded by law and legal procedure, and actions must be taken to prevent provocation of anarchy in society in conformity with rule of civilized country.

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