Friday, May 29, 2009

Party’s Committees Act towards Sub-national Councils Elections

The elections of Councils for municipality, provinces, cities, districts and Khans (in short, sub-national level Councils) which are to be taking place on May 17, 2009 will clearly show Cambodia’s new step forward in developing democracy and strengthening good governance through decentralization and de-concentration policy aimed at consolidating public efficiency and speeding up socio-economic development. It should be reaffirmed that according to the law on administration management for capital, provinces, cities, districts and Khans, each of them has to have its own council to be voted in by non-universal suffrage by incumbent commune council members. The elections will reflect through its essence our people’s interests as the commune councils, whom they have elected, will represent their will and voice.

There has not been much time from preparing for the elections to voting day but the National Election Committee (NEC) has made efforts in actively fulfilling its tasks so as to meet its deadline in registering voters, political parties as well as parties’ candidates, and preparing for orders and procedures as well as other works related. At the same time, the Royal Government and local authorities of all levels have created favorable conditions for a smooth preparation. Four political parties – the Cambodian People’s Party, Funcinpec Party, the Norodom Ranaridh Party, and the Sam Rainsy Party - have registered officially for competition in the Sub-national councils elections. Among the four Parties registered, only the Cambodian People’s Party has registered candidates in all electoral constituencies in the capital, provinces, cities, districts and Khans throughout the country while the three others have yet to complete registering candidates in all electoral stations.

This has clearly affirmed the upper hand and thorough preparation by the Cambodian People’s Party for the coming elections. Other parties in this instance have proven to be lacking self-confidence, especially belief in their members of communal councils while seeking to put them under tense spiritual pressure. Some parties have continued to distort NEC’s responsible effort in organizing the elections as well as the Cambodian People’s Party supremacy aiming at using them as a pretext to disapprove elections to be free and fair as they have done previously, actions which have been seen as acts of immaturity and in contradiction to the principles of freedom and democracy.

National and international circles with positive judgments have predicted that the Cambodian People’s Party will obtain greater successes in the elections because its great number of membership in incumbent commune councils have closely linked themselves with the people always, served them wholeheartedly, while adhering to just policy according to the people’s wish and creating major and historic achievements in the course of building and defending the fatherland.

The truth could never be altered. Up to the moment, members of the commune councils, whether they are or they are not members of the Cambodian People’s Party have witnessed the reality of national progress while having sufficient facts for considering and making decision with of conscience in the forthcoming elections. It is in this spirit, providing of support for the Cambodian People’s Party is in fact a position that is in conformity with the people’s will for the nation’s - in this case the capital, provinces, cities, districts and Khans, and communes – to make progress and advancement in peace and solidarity while their living conditions are all the more improving.

Commune council members of the Cambodian People’s Party, who have been fulfilling the roles as central forces at local levels for developing and expanding efficiency of public services, dealing with demands of the people, while actively implementing the roles, rights and tasks with high responsibility as members of the commune councils but also representatives of the Cambodian People’s Party, should all go to vote and vote the Cambodian People’s Party. The Party’s committees, working groups and members at all levels should adhere to electoral orders and procedures while implementing active, realistic, profound and dignified campaign aimed at helping members of the commune councils and our people in general to understand clearly policy, ability and capacity of the Cambodian People’s Party in leading the country, capital, provinces, cities, districts and Khans towards development.

To achieve victory in the Sub-national level Councils elections - the councils of municipal, provinces, cities, districts and Khans - should be a strategic determination of the Cambodian People’s Party as a whole aimed at strengthening long-term leadership of the Party at national, sub-national and local levels. The Cambodian People’s Party will surely continue to enjoy strong support for its supreme cause./.

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