Monday, January 18, 2010

Into 2010 with New Energy, Bravery and Confidence

Viewing historic fact of 31 years ago, the people of Cambodia remember that on January 7, 1979, the army of the National Salvation Front of Kampuchea under the leadership of Samdech Akka Dhamma Pothisal Chea Sim, Samdech Akka Moha Punnhea Chakrei Heng Samrin and Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen and other dignitaries, with help rendered by the Vietnamese volunteer army, had brought to a fall the genocidal regime of Pol Pot, and saved our nation and people from hell. It was 31 years ago, but our people have maintained their memories of the greatest and meaningful 07-January victory. People’s smile for the Victory Day has been carved everlastingly in their hearts and consciences.

After the country was liberated, the People’s Revolutionary Council of the People’s Republic of Kampuchea was established stemming from the 07-January victory and started to restore the country from scratch, and in a state of being confronted with a possible return to power of the Pol Pot’s genocidal regime. Worse still, hostile circles had imposed on the people of Cambodia, who in fact should have been responded with relief, an unjust economic embargo and political isolation, instead.

Under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party, our people, who are hard-working, have made success after successes in overcoming obstacles, while scoring major historic achievements in the course of restoring and defending the country’s socio-economic condition and preventing the return of the genocide. The People’s Republic of Kampuchea, which later was named the State of Cambodia, had fulfilled its historic task for our nation, while putting in place a prefix and basic qualifications for the creation and progress of the current Kingdom of Cambodia on the path of peace, national reconciliation, democracy and development over the past 17 years, starting from 1993.

As of now, everywhere, achievements have been realized and visible. People’s living condition has improved in a gradual manner, whereas a change to beauty of the country has been noted, and national honor and prestige has been raised high. This clearly indicates, in its forwardgoing path, that Cambodia is on the right track under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party.

The people of Cambodia are going to celebrate the year 2010 with joyfulness to commemorate the 31st anniversary of January-7 victory bearing in mind achievements in all sectors that have been realized in 2009. It is worth noting that, in 2009, Cambodia faced with a tough situation in its effort for socio-economic development as well as for national defense. World financial crisis and economic downturn which burst out in 2008 has had negative impacts on our economy, reducing the pace of our progress to lower than was expected, while causing certain impacts on our people’s living condition and efforts to fulfill our aim of poverty reduction.

Meanwhile, acts of invasion by the Siamese army over the our territorial integrity in the area of Preah Vihear, followed by inciting acts by the Siamese Government in diplomatic and other areas of concern, we have been prompted to set a share of national resources so as to firmly strengthen national defense infrastructure.

Thanks to efforts made by the Royal Government of Cambodia, despite the country has been in the most difficult and complicated context, Cambodia has continued to score positive economic growth. The country’s macro-economics as well as our people’s livelihood have sustained whereas infrastructural construction and development have continued strongly. According to estimates, rice cultivation for 2009-2010 might bring about a harvest of about 7,316,000 tons, which would be adequate for local consumption, with a surplus of about 2,094,000 tons of rice for export.

Tourism maintains a growth of two percents comparing to that was achieved in 2008. As far as garment industry is concerned, though some factories had had to close down, some new ones have also been put into operation. The Royal Government of Cambodia has set out a package of financial stimulus, policy and actions aimed especially at improving public financial management, economic diversification and vocational training for those who have lost their jobs.

The elections of the sub-national level authority/council or councils of city and/or province, of district and/or Khan have been conducted with great success reflecting constant progress on the basis of democracy, especially at the subnational level.

As far as defending our nation is concerned, the Cambodian armed forces resolutely defend our territorial integrity, especially in the area of Preah Vihear. The Kingdom of Cambodia has been voted in as a member of the World Heritage Committee, which indicates clearly our raising-high prestige in international arena as well as success of the Cambodian foreign policy. Hearing of the Khmer Rouge leaders has just wrapped up the case 001, whereas the court’s decision will be announced in early 2010, while the case 002 would soon proceed.

These achievements have been possible because of efforts made by state institutions as well as active participation by our people and various social circles for the sake of constructing and defending our fatherland.

Despite all this, opposition politicians never feel satisfied with the positive developments of Cambodia under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party. They seek all means to hinder the path of progress of the nation. And worse still, they even acted serving policies of foreign nations too. As a matter of fact, until now, they have kept silent and never condemned acts of aggression by the Siamese army on the Cambodian territorial integrity. They do not share difficulties with our soldiers who stand guarding our borders. Instead, they have instigated complicated matter on the country’s other side of the border, while echoing words of exaggeration of the Siamese leaders towards Cambodia. However, no matter what they say, the people of Cambodia have clearly understood their hidden agenda to be, and because of which they will continue to be losers.

Taking stock of achievements in 2009 and efforts made by the whole national forces, who adhere firmly the spirit of January 7 and with the correct leadership, we will achieve further successes in all fields in 2010, especially in Cambodian economic development in context of yet-to-cease world financial crisis and economic downturn because we have the following favorable conditions - firstly, a firm and lasting peace, political stability, security and social order; secondly, success of Cambodian regional and world integration that allows Cambodia to access major world and regional markets; thirdly, a partnership for development, both with private and civil society; and fourthly, a favorable macro-economic and financial environment. It is therefore enthusiastic and appropriate to affirm Cambodia’s march into 2010 with new and strong energy, bravery and confidence for further successes.

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