Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cambodia, the Right Track Onward

Over the past more than 31 years, starting from the historic 7-January victory over the genocide regime, despite numerous zigzags and complications, under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party, our people have achieved great successes in defending and restoring fatherland from ashes whereas advanced the country to the current state of development. Thank to the wisdom and brilliance of the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party, our people put a complete end to the war flame and national fracture, while establishing a complete peace in the entire nation, a condition that is favorable for national development in all fields.

The Royal Government of Cambodia, under the leadership of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, has achieved gradually all objectives of the rectangular strategy for growth, employment, equity and efficiency, while satisfactorily guaranteeing peace, political stability and strong social order, and widely expanding results of profound state reforms in all fields that are responding to the need for socio-economic, human resources, institutional capacity building, social justice and provision of public services with quality and transparency.

At the same time democratization has deeply rooted in our society, whereas rule of law and respect of freedom and human rights of our people have been raised high. In 2009, despite the fact that we have so many difficulties from international financial crisis and economic downturn to face with, Cambodia was able to achieve a positive, though lower than early expected, growth. The Royal Government has put out and implemented fruitfully systematic policies aimed at overcoming impacts that were to be incurred from the crisis, while stabilizing its macroeconomic status and people’s livelihood, guaranteeing a favorable environment for economic and investment activities and also strengthening social safety system.

Outstanding results from programs for reforms have been that of public financial management, public administration, land management, legal and justice systems, the armed forces as well as decentralization and deconcentration principles, all of which clearly show correct policy and competent leadership of the Royal Government of Cambodia. Particularly, Cambodia’s external relations have grown wide and firm, raising high its prestige on the international arena. For the coming years, basing on scored achievements and experiences, the Royal Government of Cambodia believes firmly in realizing its fundamental economic policy, which is to guarantee for a sustainable growth at a rate of 7% per annum with a wider base and stronger competitive edge, and in its context of less than 1% inflation. Hence, it also strives to realize poverty reduction aim at 1% per annum while guaranteeing improvement indicators in filed of economics, education, health, and gender equality.

These achievements have clearly shown that Cambodia is marching onwards on the right track under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party. However, some politicians in opposition and ill-intent circles have ignored them, denied the reality and furthermore persistently exaggerated that Cambodia has achieved no development, whereas its people are getting poorer. There would be nothing like being dark in one’s conscience. It is ironical that while they are living in peace and freedom, having sufficient food, traveling on good roads and bridges, and seeing achievements in all fields with their own eyes, but having chosen to ignore the truths. Nothing is hard to see here because they always go to extreme opposition.

Not a single achievement has been done by these politicians for the people, except agitating, insulting, forging conflict in society. More than that, actions to serve foreign interests have been forged by them too. However, the people of Cambodia are so conscientious and capable of delineating right from wrong. They do not believe those unfortunate propaganda and they have proven that through their votes in the previous elections already.

31 years on is a long time for each and everyone but it should be accepted to be an average length of time for a country’s history. We are proud of those achievements that are realized in over three decades, from liberating the country from the fierce genocide regime and flame of protracted wars to rebuilding the country from scratch, ashes until achieving what we have at present. This is a brilliant reality that affirms Cambodia is on and will go further on the right track under the leaderships of the Cambodian People’s Party, led by Samdech Akka Dhamma Pothisal Chea Sim,. Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen and Samdech Akka Moha Punnhea Chakrei Heng Samrin.

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